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Gauntlet of Seigfried Dragon BO3




齐格飞的护手Gauntlet of Siegfried)是使命召唤:黑色行动3僵尸模式地图血狱之城里的特殊武器。玩家需要先获取龙蛋并让其浴火,然后“教导”龙蛋中的小龙(即浴火之后的试炼),最后孵化龙蛋,才能获得齐格飞的护手。


The Dragon Egg is located in the Hatchery's basement, just above the sewer grate. Shooting it with any weapon will make it fall to the ground for retrieval. From there, it's needed to have a dragon breathe fire onto it, so the egg has to be placed in one of the dragon nests that are in the areas where the dragon attacks, then wait for the dragon to arrive and do said action. Once this is done, an entire round has to pass before the player is able to pick the egg up again. Next, the dragon within the egg has to be taught through: killing napalm zombies, getting penetrating multi-kills, and by getting melee kills in that order. Progress can be checked via the challenge graves in the spawn area as well as the scoreboard in the bottom right. Finally, the egg needs to be taken to the Hatchery and placed in an incubator. Once the egg is placed, a lockdown will start and players must kill zombies close enough to the egg so that the zombies' souls get zapped into the incubator, much like a Groph Module Pod. Once the egg has enough souls, the lockdown will end and the players will have to wait one full round for the egg to cool, after which it may be picked up. Finally, the player has to head back to Belinski Square where the challenges are, and press the action button at the left most board, granting the player the weapon.


The Gauntlet of Siegfried allows the player to wield a 'whelp' or baby dragon on the right arm, similar to a falconer. The whelp can act like a flamethrower, similar to Firebreak's Purifier. A melee attack can be also used while equipped, which is stronger than the Bowie Knife. The whelp can also be launched, turning it into a 'sentry' type companion, similar to a Talon Drone. In this mode, the Gauntlet has an enhanced melee, the 115 Punch, which launches the player through a horde, sending them all flying, similar the Cyber Core Overwhelming/Unstoppable Force. The whelp will launch fireballs at zombies, causing splash damage to anything in the vicinity.


  • 齐格飞是史诗尼白龙根之歌中一个屠龙者的名字。