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Revelations PromotionalArt Salvation BOIII
前一关卡 血狱之城
出现于 使命召唤:黑色行动3
操控角色 “坦克”·登浦西
队伍 起源四小强
地点 以太,“房屋”的残缺部分
日期 血狱之城后的某个时间
目标 在无尽僵尸的袭击下存活
敌人 僵尸马格瓦装甲战士
代码名 zm_dlc4
类似的多人地图 InfectionRupture的部分结构
类似的僵尸地图 亡者之夜僵尸疗养院
“Salvation features Revelations, the long-awaited final chapter in the Origins Zombies saga. In Revelations, we meet up with the Origins characters after they’ve taken an epic journey through space and time – all of their struggles lead to this very moment. In this, the final chapter of the Zombies experience, Richtofen, Dempsey, Takeo, and Nikolai finally come face to face with the mysterious Doctor Monty in The House. Confronted by an ancient evil, our heroes must fight the zombie horde once more in the final battle to save their immortal souls.”

启示录Revelations),又译作启示,是包含在使命召唤:黑色行动3的地图包“拯救”中的僵尸地图,在2016年9月6日首发于PlayStation 4平台,随后在2016年10月6日登陆Xbox One和PC平台。

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  • A new easter egg song called The Gift can be activated by finding 3 teddy bears on the map.
    • One is at the entrance to Mob of the Dead from the mound, sitting on a chair to the left of a mysterious surgery patient.
    • The next location is in the theater of Kino der Toten, sitting on a chair in front of the podium.
    • The final location is in the Verrückt portion of the map, it is on a chair at the beginning of the hallway leading to the jump pad.
  • There are multiple radios and wisps: see Revelations (map)/Radios, Wisps and Audio Reels
  • Several hats and helmets can be either found or unlocked around the map: see Revelations (map)/Hats and Helmets
  • The table in Nacht der Untoten can be used to trade weapons with other players after completing an easter egg involving the chalk messages found in the maps.
  • If one player completed all other Zombies Main Easter eggs, a spark can be collected in the starting room on the truck. During the Main Easter Egg of Revelations, when the player is able to use the teleporter, the spark can be placed on a custom Mystery Box in Samantha's room. Once they return, the Path of Sorrows can be found as a wall-buy weapon in Shangri-La, and every weapon bought from walls or from the Mystery Box are automatically Pack-a-Punched.

成就/奖杯 编辑

名称 描述 点数 奖杯级别 图片
公众利益 在启示录里,打开钥匙。 30Gamerscore Silver Trophy PS3 icon For The Good Of All achievement icon
美好明天 在启示录里,完成轮回。 30Gamerscore Silver Trophy PS3 icon A Better Tomorrow achievement icon
强化回收 在启示录里,夺回被劫持的强化武器机器。 15Gamerscore Bronze Trophy PS3 icon PackAPunch-ectomy Icon Trophy BO3
齐心协力 在启示录里,协助守卫者击败全部类型的敌人。 15Gamerscore Bronze Trophy PS3 icon KeepClose Icon Trophy BO3
死亡射线 在启示录里,启动堕落炮台一次击杀40个敌人。 15Gamerscore Bronze Trophy PS3 icon DeathRay Icon Trophy BO3
游山玩水 在启示录里,两分钟内拜访全部特殊地点。 15Gamerscore Bronze Trophy PS3 icon 64px
更衣换帽 在启示录里,穿戴3种不同的帽子。 15Gamerscore Bronze Trophy PS3 icon WardrobeChange Icon Trophy BO3
见证奇迹 在启示录里,用每种奇迹武器单次射击击杀10名敌人。 15Gamerscore Bronze Trophy PS3 icon Wonderful Icon Trophy BO3
操纵混沌 在启示录里,在第6回合之前超控全部堕落引擎。 15Gamerscore Bronze Trophy PS3 icon ControlledChaos Icon Trophy BO3

开场动画 编辑


Monty: Okay, uh... let's recap a bit, shall we?

A view of a countryside can be seen before the view goes towards a house.

Monty: This was meant to be a new start, really, a perfect world, free from all the evil that had corrupted each and every corner of the known and unknown universe.

The camera goes up a flight of stairs and down a hall.

Monty: It was going to be a place of safety for the kids, the little yous... You - little... well, so far, so good.

Monty opens a door, revealing Fluffy, Samantha, Eddie and three other children resembling "Tank" Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski, Takeo Masaki before an airhorn blares. The kids stop playing with their toys and look around before the screen goes black.

Monty: But things started to go wrong soon after you arrived.

Maxis can be seen facing a teleporter as the Origins cast arrives.

Monty: Now, I can understand your initial shock coming face-to-face with Maxis, especially after so long.

Richtofen hugs Maxis as the others look around the room. Richtofen then reveals the Summoning Key to Maxis, who looks at the Summoning Key with a shocking look as he begins to hear voices before shaking his head as Richtofen puts the Key away.

Monty: But you did the right thing. You followed the plan. You brought the Summoning Key here, and you destroyed that bloody machine once and for all.

Maxis then hands Richtofen an axe as the two then dismantle the MDT. The screen goes black.

Monty: Thing is... Maxis went and ballsed everything up.

Maxis can be seen asleep within a chair as he begins to hear voices until he wakes up.

Mysterious Voice: Please... you must help me.

The door to the basement of the house opens as Maxis heads downstairs.

Monty: He heard voices, you see. Calling to him.

Maxis walks over to the Summoning Key, which is now shaking and glowing violently as he slowly reaches for it.

Mysterious Voice: Only together... can we prevent the destruction of your world.

The Summoning Key then flies into Maxis' hand. Suddenly, he is forced to activate the Summoning Key as he is preserved within it, with the Summoning Key being caught by the now physically released Shadowman.

Monty: It wasn't REALLY his fault, you know he hasn't got his soul yet, all I got was a brain. Anyway, the KEY thing - as in the thing that is key - is that Maxis fiddled around with the Summoning-thingamajig and accidentally released an even bigger bastard.

The Shadowman flies through the hall before exiting the house.

Monty: Someone even I didn't know was in there - The Shadowman.

The camera views his face as he then breaks a part of the porch as he levitates to a nearby hill overlooking the valley.

Monty: The one and only - original - harbinger of doom.

The Shadowman then creates a massive rift in the sky, causing lots of destruction to everything as everything becomes broken. The remains of the entire area are seen as a set of floating islands appearing out of thin air. A view of the Shadowman now in his Apothicon form then turns back as the camera zooms into a window, where the Origins crew and Monty are.

Monty: So, I am going to be absolutely truthful with you. Things have gone way too far out of control. This isn't any vague "woo-hoo-hoo" evil, we are talking about the Apothicons.

Several Apothicon beasts are seen floating in an unknown space, entering and exiting a massive blue glowing sphere. One of the beasts then spit a blue meteor into a portal.

Monty: The most powerful and evil entities in all the existences that ever... existed. And now they're here in our perfect world.

A fractured view of Nacht der Untoten can be seen as zombies with red eyes close in on The House. The Origins crew then steps outside as they ready their weapons.

Monty: I'm not going to sugarcoat things... It's a fucking shitshow.

Monty closes the door behind them as the shadows of the zombies approaching them can be seen behind them on the wall.

结束动画 编辑


The group gets teleported to Samantha's room in the House. ​In the room, a Monkey Bomb, a rocket, a toy rabbit, a toy elephant and the Teddy Bear is seen in the middle of the room, circling around the Summoning Key before infusing with it. S.O.P.H.I.A. is seen at the back of the room.

Ludvig Maxis: Sophia...

S.O.P.H.I.A: Maxis...

Ludvig Maxis: You know what we must do, my dear.

S.O.P.H.I.A is then seen preserving the Summoning Key into her A.I. body.

S.O.P.H.I.A: Yes, my love.

Ludvig Maxis: We will do it together. As one we are, now and forever.

The screens fade to black. S.O.P.H.I.A is seen zipping into the giant blue Apothicon Sun, followed by the Summoning Key. The Apothicon-infested world now ceases to exist and shows a scene in space. Screen fades to black once again and a sunrise can be seen.

Monty: With the evil vanquised, I can start making it all nice again. No undead, no Apothicons, no Shadowman. All of it gone, forever, but, here's the funny thing. You snowflakes shouldn't even still be here.

The scene changes to the four characters, as Dempsey looks down at one of his blood vials, with it being empty.

Monty: You should be fading out of existence by now. Those blood vials...

Dempsey and Richtofen share a glance at each other.

Richtofen: I was wondering when you would bring this up.

Monty: They're from realities we already closed off. They shouldn't be here, they CAN'T be here!

Monty walks up to Richtofen as he grabs his empty blood vial.

Monty: Such a paradox means you're putting my perfect world at risk.

Richtofen takes a step back from Monty.

Monty: You guys and your bloody free will. What to do? WHAT TO DO? Well, you certainly can't stay here.

Nikolai and Takeo nod at each other and are about to draw their weapons when Richtofen interrupts.

Richtofen: You could send us somewhere else, somewhere we've never been.

Monty: Mhm, I suppose I could make a little corner somewhere in history. A place where I can dump some of the other shit that I have left over, or I just wipe you from existence.

The four characters are seen fading away from existence.

Monty: Ooh, hang on! Actually, that all works out perfectly!

The screen fades to white then to a close-up on Dempsey. The screen pans back to show Dempsey, Richtofen, Takeo and Nikolai standing on a mount, each wielding an original elemental staff and wearing crusader armor. A crowd is seen cheering for them as the four raises their staffs as conquering heroes. The screen transitions into the "Primis" image from Origins. The image burns and the words "THE END" appear.

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